Glen Durrant is raring to get back into competitive action when he competes in the Unibet Home Tour on Tuesday.

The three-time Lakeside Champion headlines the Group 19 action, alongside Justin Pipe, Maik Kuivenhoven and Vincent van der Meer.

Durrant will be the favourite to win on the night, and is aiming to recapture the form which he had enjoyed in the early weeks of the Unibet Premier League in February and March.

"I'm missing darts incredibly so I'm really looking forward to it," said Durrant. "I'm still practising for two hours a day. I've not gone down the online route so it will be interesting to see how well I play.

"I'll be treating it exactly the same as a normal match and I'm going out there to try and win it. It's a good group, and it's a short format and a group stage, which is leveller.

"You're seeing players that people might not have heard of, but they're fantastic players and there have been some shock results.

"For me, Chris Dobey, Nathan Aspinall, Dave Chisnall and Luke Woodhouse have been exceptional and I'm excited."

Durrant currently sits at the top of the Unibet Premier League table with the season suspended, and was also moving towards the world's top 16 when the global lockdown was implemented.

The 49-year-old admits that he is keen to return to action once regulations are eased, but concedes: "It's a concern - it is tough.

"I was right in the heart of the Premier League, I was getting used to it and I was loving every second of it. It was an incredible experience and it's not finished yet.

"I was top of the Premier League, playing the best darts of my life and it's really disappointing. I'm not 30 years old, I can't help but look at someone like Chris Dobey who's got his whole career ahead of him.

"I gave myself five years and if we don't play darts again this year that's a fifth of the time of the plans I had, and history will tell you that you can only play at the top of your level for so long.

"I'm a strong believer that right now I'm on top of my game, if you balance the experience and talent. I want to play darts now, so it's a big dent.

"There have been a couple of tough days but my sanctuary is on the dartboard. I've practised hard all my life, so I'm still putting a good two hours a day in.

"I'm trying to use as many positives as I can so that when I do come back, I'm ready and raring to go. I just want to get back playing darts."

Middlesbrough's Durrant enjoyed a visit to his local football club earlier this year with sponsors Unibet, playing darts alongside stars of the Championship club as well as speaking with manager Jonathan Woodgate.

"It was a special day," added Durrant. "I was the first person to go into their training area - it's a sanctuary where even the manager doesn't go - with pool tables and dartboards.

"It was brilliant, definitely up there with taking the [Lakeside] trophy on the pitch. I had a great chat with Jonathan, two people having a chat about teamwork, communication, managing - it was really good."

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Unibet Home Tour
Group 19 - Tuesday May 5 (1930 BST)
Glen Durrant v Vincent van der Meer
Justin Pipe v Maik Kuivenhoven
Vincent van der Meer v Maik Kuivenhoven
Glen Durrant v Justin Pipe
Justin Pipe v Vincent van der Meer
Maik Kuivenhoven v Glen Durrant

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