THE 2019 Unibet Premier League season takes place from February to May across 16 weeks, including a double-header in Rotterdam.

The opening nine matches see the nine players face each other once in the league phase, as well as playing one of the nine 'contenders', before the bottom player in the league table following Judgement Night is eliminated.

The nine contenders were introduced to replace the injured Gary Anderson.

The remaining eight players face each other once more in the remaining six league nights, before the top four players progress to compete in the Play-Offs.

Unibet Premier League Table - After Night 16

Unibet Premier League

2019 Unibet Premier League Field:
Michael van Gerwen
Rob Cross
Peter Wright
Daryl Gurney
Michael Smith
Gerwyn Price
Mensur Suljovic
James Wade
Raymond van Barneveld

Chris Dobey
Glen Durrant
Steve Lennon
Luke Humphries
John Henderson
Nathan Aspinall
Max Hopp
Dimitri Van den Bergh
Jeffrey de Zwaan

Tournament Information
• All fixtures for the opening nine league nights will be the best of 12 legs of 501. Once a player reaches seven legs, they have won the game :and no further legs will be played, or the game will be a six-all draw.
• Following Judgement Night, the final seven league nights will see games played over the best of 14 legs, with the first player to reach eight legs being the winner, or the game will be a seven-all draw.
• Two points will be awarded for a win, one point will be awarded for a draw. The nine Contenders would not receive points on the league table.
• In the event of any Points ties for positions in the league table, then the first deciding factor shall be Leg Difference. In the event of there still being a tie after Leg Difference has been taken into account, then the player who has won the most Legs Against Throw (LWAT) during the entire league programme shall be declared the winner of the tie. Any further ties after both of these tie-breakers have been utilised will be decided by the relevant players’ three-dart averages over the entire league programme as per the data recorded by the PDC’s official data partner, Sportradar.
• The semi-finals will be based on the top four league positions, with 1v4 and 2v3.
• The semi-final will be played over the best of 19 legs (first to ten) and the final will be the best of 21 legs (first to 11).

2019 Unibet Premier League Fixtures:
Night One - Thursday February 7
Utilita Arena, Newcastle

James Wade 7-4 Raymond van Barneveld
Gerwyn Price 7-4 Daryl Gurney
Chris Dobey 6-6 Mensur Suljovic
Michael van Gerwen 7-5 Michael Smith
Peter Wright 6-6 Rob Cross

Night Two - Thursday February 14
The SSE Hydro, Glasgow

Peter Wright 6-6 Michael Smith
Rob Cross 7-4 James Wade
Raymond van Barneveld 6-6 Gerwyn Price
Daryl Gurney 7-3 Glen Durrant
Mensur Suljovic 3-7 Michael van Gerwen

Night Three - Thursday February 21
3Arena, Dublin

Gerwyn Price 6-6 James Wade
Steve Lennon 5-7 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 7-2 Rob Cross
Michael Smith 5-7 Daryl Gurney
Mensur Suljovic 6-6 Raymond van Barneveld

Night Four - Thursday February 28
Westpoint Exeter

Luke Humphries 6-6 Gerwyn Price
Daryl Gurney 1-7 Rob Cross
Mensur Suljovic 7-4 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 3-7 James Wade
Michael Smith 7-4 Raymond van Barneveld

Night Five - Thursday March 7
The BHGE Arena, Aberdeen

Michael Smith 3-7 Rob Cross
Daryl Gurney 0-7 James Wade
Mensur Suljovic 3-7 Gerwyn Price
Raymond van Barneveld 3-7 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 6-6 John Henderson

Night Six - Thursday March 14
Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Nathan Aspinall 2-7 Michael Smith
James Wade 3-7 Mensur Suljovic
Rob Cross 7-3 Raymond van Barneveld
Gerwyn Price 2-7 Michael van Gerwen
Peter Wright 6-6 Daryl Gurney

Night Seven - Thursday March 21
Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin

Rob Cross 7-4 Gerwyn Price
James Wade 6-6 Peter Wright
Daryl Gurney 7-5 Michael van Gerwen
Mensur Suljovic 7-2 Michael Smith
Raymond van Barneveld 7-3 Max Hopp

Night Eight - Wednesday March 27
Rotterdam Ahoy

Gerwyn Price 5-7 Michael Smith
James Wade 6-6 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Rob Cross 5-7 Mensur Suljovic
Michael van Gerwen 7-1 Peter Wright
Raymond van Barneveld 1-7 Daryl Gurney

Judgement Night - Thursday March 28
Rotterdam Ahoy

Daryl Gurney 7-3 Mensur Suljovic
Gerwyn Price 7-5 Peter Wright
Rob Cross 7-4 Jeffrey de Zwaan
Michael van Gerwen 7-1 Raymond van Barneveld
James Wade 7-4 Michael Smith

Night Ten - Thursday April 4
The SSE Arena, Belfast

Mensur Suljovic 8-6 James Wade
Michael Smith 7-7 Peter Wright
Rob Cross 8-4 Daryl Gurney
Michael van Gerwen 7-7 Gerwyn Price

Night 11 - Thursday April 11
M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

Rob Cross 8-5 Peter Wright
Gerwyn Price 8-5 Mensur Suljovic
James Wade 7-7 Daryl Gurney
Michael van Gerwen 8-3 Michael Smith

Night 12 - Thursday April 18
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Mensur Suljovic 8-5 Daryl Gurney
Rob Cross 2-8 Michael van Gerwen
Michael Smith 5-8 Gerwyn Price
Peter Wright 2-8 James Wade

Night 13 - Thursday April 25
Arena Birmingham

Mensur Suljovic 7-7 Michael Smith
Rob Cross 7-7 Gerwyn Price
Daryl Gurney 8-4 Peter Wright
James Wade 7-7 Michael van Gerwen

Night 14 - Thursday May 2
The Manchester Arena

Rob Cross 8-1 Michael Smith
Peter Wright 6-8 Mensur Suljovic
Daryl Gurney 8-5 Michael van Gerwen
James Wade 8-4 Gerwyn Price

Night 15 - Thursday May 9
The FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield

Michael Smith 7-7 James Wade
Mensur Suljovic 4-8 Rob Cross
Daryl Gurney 7-7 Gerwyn Price
Michael van Gerwen 8-1 Peter Wright

Night 16 - Thursday May 16
First Direct Arena, Leeds

Gerwyn Price 8-3 Peter Wright
Daryl Gurney 8-3 Michael Smith
Michael van Gerwen 8-5 Mensur Suljovic
James Wade 8-6 Rob Cross

Play-Offs - Thursday May 23
The O2, London

Michael van Gerwen v Daryl Gurney
Rob Cross v James Wade

Van Gerwen/Gurney v Cross/Wade
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