Groups confirmed for Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs

Home Tour Play-Offs

The eight groups have been confirmed for the Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs ahead of the tournament's return on May 26.

The last 32 nights have seen elite level darts brought from the homes of 101 PDC Tour Card Holders around the world to the homes of fans through remote live broadcasts.

The Home Tour action included a brilliant nine-darter from Luke Woodhouse in Group Two, while PDC World Champions Peter Wright, Rob Cross and Gary Anderson were amongst the players who topped their group to progress to the second phase.

The 32 group winners are now set to compete in the Play-Offs over a further 11 consecutive nights of live action from Tuesday May 26 onwards, with a champion crowned at the climax of the tournament on Friday June 5. 

The 32 players have been seeded in order of their PDC Order of Merit ranking for the Last 32, and placed into groups based on the regular PDC seeding pattern.
The players who win Groups One-Four will proceed to play in Semi-Final One on Wednesday June 3, with the winners from Groups Five-Eight moving through to Semi-Final Two on Thursday June 4.
The top two players from each of the Semi-Final groups will then move through to compete in the Championship Group on Friday June 5.
All games from the Last 32 onwards are the best of 11 legs, with each group being a round-robin format.

Reigning World Champion Wright, who became the last player to secure a Play-Off place in Monday's Group 32, will headline the opening night of the Play-Offs in Group One, which also contains Cristo Reyes, Jelle Klaasen and Ryan Murray.

Two-time World Champion Anderson, who improved his internet connection especially to take part in the event, will compete in Group Three, while Premier League table-topper Glen Durrant lines up in Group Two.

Reigning World Matchplay champion Cross is set to star in Group Five, with former UK Open winner Nathan Aspinall drawn in Group Seven.

The PDC is pleased to announce that the Play-Offs will be sponsored by Low6, the company behind the PDC Picks app which gives fans the chance to make their picks for each night's action.

Wayne Stevenson, CEO of Low6, commented, “Low6 is absolutely delighted to be named the Title Sponsor for the PDC Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs. 

"This Title Sponsorship extends our already successful partnership with the PDC as their ‘Official Pool Betting Partner’. 

PDC Picks, the official pool betting app of the PDC developed by Low6, has seen significant engagement from avid PDC darts fans predicting the winners of each match in contests that see fans ‘picks’ climb atop the leaderboard to win huge cash prizes. 

"Be sure to enter our PDC Picks contests on the PDC Picks or the Low6 app available on both Apple iOS and Google Play. We look forward to crowning the Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs champion June 5!"

All Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs action will be broadcast live on PDCTV for FREE to ALL registered PDCTV users, regardless of membership type.

Registered PDCTV members can also watch for FREE through the official PDC App.

Fans in Great Britain and Ireland can also watch the action through the Sky Sports app.

As well as being shown through a series of bookmakers’ websites, the Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs will be broadcast live by a number of the PDC's international broadcast partners.

Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs
Group One - Tuesday May 26

Peter Wright
Cristo Reyes
Jelle Klaasen
Ryan Murray
Group Two - Wednesday May 27

Stephen Bunting
Glen Durrant
Alan Tabern
Mike De Decker
Group Three - Thursday May 28
Gary Anderson
Luke Humphries
Jamie Lewis
Nick Kenny
Group Four - Friday May 29

Dave Chisnall
Darren Webster
Geert Nentjes
Damon Heta
Group Five - Saturday May 30
Rob Cross
Ryan Searle
Luke Woodhouse
Daniel Larsson
Group Six - Sunday May 31
Joe Cullen
Chris Dobey
Jeff Smith
Martijn Kleermaker
Group Seven - Monday June 1
Nathan Aspinall
Jamie Hughes
Jose De Sousa
Jesús Noguera
Group Eight - Tuesday June 2
Jonny Clayton
Max Hopp
Carl Wilkinson
Scott Waites

Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs
Group One - Tuesday May 26

Peter Wright v Ryan Murray
Cristo Reyes v Jelle Klaasen
Ryan Murray v Jelle Klaasen
Peter Wright v Cristo Reyes
Cristo Reyes v Ryan Murray
Jelle Klaasen v Peter Wright
Group Two - Wednesday May 27
Stephen Bunting v Mike De Decker
Glen Durrant v Alan Tabern
Mike De Decker v Alan Tabern
Stephen Bunting v Glen Durrant
Glen Durrant v Mike De Decker
Alan Tabern v Stephen Bunting
Group Three - Thursday May 28
Gary Anderson v Nick Kenny
Luke Humphries v Jamie Lewis
Nick Kenny v Jamie Lewis
Gary Anderson v Luke Humphries
Luke Humphries v Nick Kenny
Jamie Lewis v Gary Anderson
Group Four - Friday May 29
Dave Chisnall v Damon Heta
Darren Webster v Geert Nentjes
Damon Heta v Geert Nentjes
Dave Chisnall v Darren Webster
Darren Webster v Damon Heta
Geert Nentjes v Dave Chisnall
Group Five - Saturday May 30
Rob Cross v Daniel Larsson
Ryan Searle v Luke Woodhouse
Daniel Larsson v Luke Woodhouse
Rob Cross v Ryan Searle
Ryan Searle v Daniel Larsson
Luke Woodhouse v Rob Cross
Group Six - Sunday May 31
Joe Cullen v Martijn Kleermaker
Chris Dobey v Jeff Smith
Martijn Kleermaker v Jeff Smith
Joe Cullen v Chris Dobey
Chris Dobey v Martijn Kleermaker
Jeff Smith v Joe Cullen
Group Seven - Monday June 1
Nathan Aspinall v Jesús Noguera
Jamie Hughes v Jose De Sousa
Jesús Noguera v Jose De Sousa
Nathan Aspinall v Jamie Hughes
Jamie Hughes v Jesús Noguera
Jose De Sousa v Nathan Aspinall
Group Eight - Tuesday June 2
Jonny Clayton v Scott Waites
Max Hopp v Carl Wilkinson
Scott Waites v Carl Wilkinson
Jonny Clayton v Max Hopp
Max Hopp v Scott Waites
Carl Wilkinson v Jonny Clayton

PDC Home Tour
Play-Offs Format

* The Last 32 onwards will be played over the best of 11 legs in a round-robin four-player group format.
* The Last 32 will feature eight groups from May 26-June 2, with each Group Winner moving into the Last Eight. Group Winners will be allocated to one of eight groups in ranking order (one player from each pool of 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, 25-32). 
* The Last Eight will feature two groups on June 3-4, with the top two players in each group moving into the Championship Group on Friday June 5.
* If a player is unable to complete their group matches on the night from the Last 32 onwards, they are eliminated from the tournament.