The Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs will conclude this week, with fans having the chance to enjoy pool betting through the PDC Picks app.

Low6 have created PDC Picks as the official pool betting app of the Professional Darts Corporation, which has established itself in the top 20 downloaded sports apps in the Apple IOS store.

PDC Picks allows fans across the UK to use the world-class pool betting app to compete in a contest on each night - players participate with an "entry" fee and whoever wins the contest, wins the pot.

PDC Head of Commercial Adam Perfect said: "The introduction of the exciting new PDC Picks has been a great addition for our fans and helped to provide another way for them to enjoy the darts action whilst watching from home.

"It was perfect timing for us to launch this alongside our innovative Home Tour tournament, which has seen the best players in the world compete against each other from their own homes, and PDC Picks has allowed fans to be a part of the action directly from their own sofas!"

PDC Picks was developed by Low6 to offer fans a more exciting way to watch and engage with their favourite darts players.

"Low6 captures the millennial audience with its highly engaging 'Picks' product, simplistic gameplay, mobile gamification, live leaderboard, low stakes and extremely visual UI/UD design," said Josh Turk, CMO of Low6 and creator of PDC Picks.

"Unlike traditional sports betting sites, there are no odds presented to the user. Alternatively, each contest offers a series of 'picks' questions, where users 'pick' which team they think will win the match, which player will score most 180's or earn the highest checkout.

"You don't have to predict a perfect bet slip to win, you just have to predict more answers correctly than your mates."

The PDC Picks app or the Low6 app can be downloaded from UK Google Play and Apple IOS store.

PDC Picks app - UK Google Play & Apple IOS store

Low6 app - UK Google Play & Apple IOS store