Stats Analysis: Jonny Clayton's five-year plan


Jun 10 2021

PDC stats analyst Christopher Kempf looks at Jonny Clayton's rise to prominence over a five-year period.

Unibet Premier League Predictor Game: Final Standings & winners confirmed

Unibet Premier League

Jun 08 2021

Prize winners have been confirmed following the conclusion of the Unibet Premier League Predictor Game.

LISTEN: Clayton reflects on 'life-changing' night

Unibet Premier League

Jun 02 2021

Hear from Jonny Clayton as he looks back on winning the Unibet Premier League on The Darts Show Podcast.

Clayton credits Welsh World Cup win for 'next level' step

Unibet Premier League

May 29 2021

Jonny Clayton believes winning the World Cup of Darts has taken his game to the 'next level'.

Clayton caps amazing debut season with Unibet Premier League glory

Unibet Premier League

May 28 2021

Jonny Clayton sensationally claimed the 2021 Unibet Premier League title in his debut year.

Clayton claims final Play-Off spot, Van Gerwen tops table on Night 16

Unibet Premier League

May 27 2021

Jonny Clayton claimed the last Play-Off place with an 8-6 victory over Dimitri Van den Bergh.

Top four & league winner to be settled on Night 16: Permutations explained

Unibet Premier League

May 27 2021

The four players who will compete in the Unibet Premier League Play-Offs will be confirmed on Night 16.

Aspinall & De Sousa secure Play-Off qualification on Night 15

Unibet Premier League

May 26 2021

Nathan Aspinall and Jose de Sousa secured qualification for the Unibet Premier League Play-Offs on Night 15.

Top four could be confirmed on Night 15: Permutations explained

Unibet Premier League

May 26 2021

The four players who will compete in the Unibet Premier League Play-Offs could be confirmed on Night 15.

Van Gerwen qualifies for Unibet Premier League Play-Offs on Night 14

Unibet Premier League

May 25 2021

Michael van Gerwen became the first player to qualify for the Play-Offs with an 8-4 victory over Gary Anderson.

2021 Unibet Premier League
Night One - Monday April 5

Nathan Aspinall 7-3 Glen Durrant
Rob Cross 6-6 Jose de Sousa
Peter Wright 6-6 Jonny Clayton
James Wade 6-6 Gary Anderson
Michael van Gerwen 6-6 Dimitri Van den Bergh

Night Two - Tuesday April 6
Gary Anderson 7-5 Jose de Sousa
Jonny Clayton 7-3 Glen Durrant
Dimitri Van den Bergh 7-5 Nathan Aspinall
Michael van Gerwen 7-2 Peter Wright
Rob Cross 7-3 James Wade

Night Three - Wednesday April 7
Rob Cross 3-7 Michael van Gerwen
Glen Durrant 0-7 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Peter Wright 7-4 Gary Anderson
Nathan Aspinall 7-4 James Wade
Jose de Sousa 3-7 Jonny Clayton

Night Four - Thursday April 8
Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-6 Peter Wright
Jonny Clayton 3-7 Rob Cross
Jose de Sousa 6-6 Nathan Aspinall
James Wade 7-3 Michael van Gerwen
Gary Anderson 7-2 Glen Durrant

Night Five - Friday April 9
Gary Anderson 4-7 Jonny Clayton
Peter Wright 7-5 Rob Cross
Michael van Gerwen 6-6 Nathan Aspinall
James Wade 7-3 Glen Durrant
Dimitri Van den Bergh 3-7 Jose de Sousa

Night Six - Monday April 19
Gary Anderson 7-5 Rob Cross
José de Sousa 7-5 James Wade
Dimitri Van den Bergh 7-3 Jonny Clayton
Michael van Gerwen 7-3 Glen Durrant
Nathan Aspinall 7-3 Peter Wright

Night Seven - Tuesday April 20
Jose de Sousa 7-4 Glen Durrant
Dimitri Van den Bergh 7-4 Rob Cross
Nathan Aspinall 6-6 Jonny Clayton
James Wade 7-4 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 6-6 Gary Anderson

Night Eight - Wednesday April 21
Nathan Aspinall 7-5 Rob Cross
Dimitri Van den Bergh 7-5 Gary Anderson
Michael van Gerwen 7-4 Jose de Sousa
James Wade 7-2 Jonny Clayton
Peter Wright 7-1 Glen Durrant

Night Nine - Thursday April 22
Jonny Clayton 5-7 Michael van Gerwen
Glen Durrant 3-7 Rob Cross
Jose de Sousa 7-2 Peter Wright
Nathan Aspinall 6-6 Gary Anderson
Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-6 James Wade

Night 10 - Wednesday May 5
Jonny Clayton 8-5 James Wade
Jose de Sousa 8-3 Gary Anderson
Dimitri Van den Bergh 3-8 Michael van Gerwen
Peter Wright 5-8 Nathan Aspinall
Night 11 - Thursday May 6
Nathan Aspinall 6-8 Dimitri Van den Bergh
James Wade 7-7 Jose de Sousa
Gary Anderson 8-3 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 8-5 Jonny Clayton
Night 12 - Friday May 7
Peter Wright 1-8 Jose de Sousa
Michael van Gerwen 8-3 James Wade
Jonny Clayton 8-6 Nathan Aspinall
Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-8 Gary Anderson
Night 13 - Monday May 24

Jonny Clayton 8-1 Gary Anderson
Jose de Sousa 8-6 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Nathan Aspinall 8-3 Michael van Gerwen
James Wade 4-8 Peter Wright
Night 14 - Tuesday May 25
James Wade 7-7 Nathan Aspinall
Jonny Clayton 5-8 Jose de Sousa
Gary Anderson 4-8 Michael van Gerwen
Peter Wright 8-5 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Night 15 - Wednesday May 26
Jonny Clayton 5-8 Peter Wright
James Wade 7-7 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Gary Anderson 7-7 Nathan Aspinall
Jose de Sousa 6-8 Michael van Gerwen
Night 16 - Thursday May 27
Gary Anderson 6-8 James Wade
Nathan Aspinall 3-8 Jose de Sousa
Peter Wright 6-8 Michael van Gerwen
Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-8 Jonny Clayton
Play-Offs - Friday May 28
Michael van Gerwen 8-10 Jonny Clayton
Jose de Sousa 10-9 Nathan Aspinall

Jonny Clayton 11-5 Jose de Sousa